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Introducing the world's first mushroom gummy. Combining the incredible benefits of functional mushrooms to bring you sharp focus, sustained jitter-free energy, and reduced stress and anxiety.

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1 Month Supply Of Lion's Mane Gummies

1 Month Supply Of Super Troop Gummies

1 Month Supply Of Reishi Gummies

FREE Disco Mushroom

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I love troop gummies and they taste so good. I feel way more productive, energized, and less anxious!

Ben. Verified Customer

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Mush Powered Wellness

Boost Focus

Erase brain fog and unlock a heightened state of mental clarity with sharper thinking and improved memory.

Increase Energy

Experience sustained energy throughout the day without a nasty comedown or crash.

Decrease Stress

Naturally rid yourself of the feelings of stress and anxiety that accompany daily life and embrace a renewed sense of calm.

So Mush More

Boost your immunity, combat inflammation, enhance your gut health, and optimize your overall health and vitality.

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  • "Feel Amazing After 1 Week!"

    “My whole life I always had an iron deficiency and low energy levels, and taking troop has changed that, fast! I take these gummies everyday along with my kids."

    Kristin M.

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    5/5 rating


    Super Troop Gummies

  • "Focus increased significantly"

    “Lion's mane has changed my focus entirely. I suffered from extreme brain fog and couldn't find a natural solution. Now, I am clear headed and am excited to take my lion's mane gummies everyday!"

    Patrick M.