Cordyceps militaris [kor-di-seh-ps Mil-i-tah-riss]

There’s not much this mushroom doesn’t do. This versatile species boosts energy, improves stamina and aids the cardiovascular system — it's no wonder why cordyceps are so sought after.

Your perfect companion for any kind of endurance ;) or simply maintaining a healthy body. Welcome to the world of cordyceps.

You can generally find cordyceps growing in humid climates and tropical forests most commonly found in China, Japan, Nepal, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

  • • Natural energy levels
    • Activating the body’s own energy production in cells, endurance and stamina
    • Promoting healthy adrenal function and kidney health
    • Healthy libido and fertility
    • T-cell stimulation to naturally defend against any bacteria and viruses

  • • Improves the body’s lung capacity and supports a healthy respiratory system
    • Boosting athletic performance
    • The body’s natural metabolism
    • General immunity

Fun(gi) facts

• Traditionally grown on caterpillars in the mountainous regions of China, cordyceps are now cultivated using vegan farming practices. *Please note that no animals were harmed in our harvesting as we were able to reproduce these mushrooms in a lab ensuring our product is fully vegan-friendly.
• There are over 400 species of cordyceps!
• At the Chinese National Games in 1993, a group of female athletes from Northeast • China won a series of medals and broke 17 world records. They later revealed their secret weapon to be cordyceps.
• They look like cheetos when dried.
• Cordyceps will not turn you into a zombie (we checked).

  • • Working out
    • Living a heathy active lifestyle
    • Sexy time 😏
    • Dancing
    • Midday work wake up
    • Being an olympic athlete

    Start taking cordyceps now 
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