Grifola frondosa [gree-foh-la Fron-doh-sah]

Known as the “Hen of the Woods,” maitake doesn’t pick favorites. As a powerful adaptogen, it contains polysaccharides that help regulate blood sugar and metabolism, delivers antioxidants to the body and contains beta-glucans to help fight off infections.

Not only is it an essential medicinal mushroom, but it’s incredibly delicious.

You'll typically find maitake mushrooms in Japan, China, Europe, and North America growing in groups on the bottom of trees such as Elm, Maple, and Oak.

  • • Metabolic functions and cellular health
    • Optimal blood sugar and cholesterol levels
    • Reduced blood pressure

  • • Modulating glucose levels to increase insulin production
    • Overall health and weight loss
    • Regulating balance in systems in the body

Fun(gi) facts

• Translates to dancing mushroom in Japanese. It's said to have gotten its name after people danced with happiness upon finding it in the wild.
• Appropriately called hen of the woods, mistake is a delicious mushroom and a great substitute for chicken.
• Maitake is rich in copper, potassium, fiber and amino acids to name a few.

  • • With your morning yoga practice
    • Accompanying your daily movement
    • When avoiding flu season
    • A superb meat replacement #MaitakeMondays

    Start taking maitake now 
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